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  • Posted on February 03, 2019
  • Growing cannabis requires more than just choosing a cannabis seed. You need to make sure you use the right fertilizer. Using the best fertilizer can make a huge difference in your crop. Before choosing a fertilizer, you need to know the particular need of your plant for the duration of its life cycle. A growing plant needs a growth fertilizer and such need changes as the plant grows.

    There are various sources for fertilizers. You can create your own fertilizer or you can purchase readily available fertilizers at the local garden center. The best fertilizer is the one consists of the right mix of nutrients as it can help your plant thrive and maximize your yield. Many cannabis growers prefer to use pre-made fertilizers. Fortunately, there are plenty of cannabis fertilizers to choose from. However, you need to keep in mind that cannabis has a wide array of needs.

    Pre-made fertilizers prevent you from making mistakes, especially when it comes to mixing different chemicals. Today, if you are going to search online, you will find a lot of fertilizers specially formulated for growing cannabis. Such products are manufactured by experienced growers worldwide.

    One of the companies that produce the best fertilizers for cannabis is Advanced Nutrients. The owner and CEO of Advanced Nutrient is Big Mike Straumietis. He is the one who revolutionizes cannabis growing in the comfort of home. His company, Advanced Nutrients specializes in hydroponics fertilizers. It is a process of growing marijuana with the roots planted in the water. Many cannabis growers prefer this method because there are no loose particles and cannabis growers can grow their own crop even without the soil.

    Advanced Nutrients has been in the business since 1996. It is the only company that truly understands your need for fast-growing and high-yielding crops. Big Mike has undergone thorough research and employed only the best people to make sure that Advanced Nutrients’ product lines are of top-notch quality. His efforts finally paid off as Advanced Nutrients is now one of the popular nutrient brands in the world.

    The cannabis plant has special needs and with thorough research and rigorous testing, Advanced Nutrients was able to discover the special needs of cannabis. Hence, every product is specially formulated to meet the needs of every cannabis grower.

    Advanced Nutrients’ products are a bit expensive compared to others but the company can attest to the quality of its products. In fact, it offers 100% guarantee on its products. Only the best materials and standard manufacturing processes are used to creating fertilizers. Hence, you will be able to grow your crops faster and yield more. That’s the Advanced Nutrients promise.

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